Onthaasten in de Achterhoek - Luxe wellness vakantiehuizen
Over Onthaasten
the hot tub and sauna of the Turtledove
Onthaasten met familie

Genieten voor jong en oud


Winter wonderland in the tub

Vakantiehuis met hottub

Puur genieten in de hottub

About Relaxing

  • The hot tub and sauna are private
  • Housing selected on location and privacy
  • Unique and different

Spa holiday homes with sauna and hot tub

Enjoying life is collecting great moments...

As of our start in 2007, with the purchase of our first spa holiday home the Brittenburg, we have been transforming normal spa holiday homes to luxurious spa holiday homes.

Inspiration, creativity, and ideas come together in this unique concept of Relaxing in the Achterhoek®. Our houses are located in the Achterhoek, in the rural town of Lievelde.

Luxury, experiences, and the latest trends are the standard at Relaxing in the Achterhoek®. Each spa house is equipped with a wood-fired hot tub, a sauna (infrared or Finnish) and a sun shower. Some homes have even more spa devices.

Our spa holiday homes are surrounded by nature, in fantastic locations with lots of privacy. The houses are located in the rural village of Lievelde. However, Villa Catharina is located on the outskirts of Aalten. Sand paths, beautiful quiet roads, and nature are abundant at both locations.

Our company has grown due to a great price/quality ratio, away from the crowd, but individual and current concepts.

Our vision for the future is growth with retention of authenticity, different than usual, but far exceeding the standard!

Relaxing in the Achterhoek®: made by & for life lovers! ♥