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House rules and conditions homes

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House rules and conditions homes
Dear guests, we would like ask for your attention for the points below:


A maximum of two cars may be parked at your holiday home. Any additional cars must be parked at the parking lot near the main entrance to the park. Don't park on roads, this causes issues during emergency situations. Note the maximum speed of 15 km an hour.


As long as it is allowed at the selected accommodation, you can bring a maximum of one pet. We also offer pet-free accommodations.

At the homes where pets are welcome, they must be leashed when outside of our garden at the park. Please make sure it takes its droppings outside of the park and that it does not cause any inconvenience to those around you. Should your pet take their dropping in the garden, we expect you to clean it up yourself.

Your pet must be well-behaved and not cause any damage to the interior. A pet should not enter the bedrooms or sit on furniture. We expect you to respect these rules. A wellness room/sauna, etc are also off limits to your beloved quadruped.

We don't offer any amenities like baskets, blankets, food bowls etc. for you pet. You will have to bring your own things for it.

Only pre-registered pets are welcome. We will charge 5 Euro per night for them.

Note: At the accommodations that don't allow pets, a visit with a pet is NOT allowed.


Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed, neither in the room near and in the sauna. There's an ash tray outside.


Listening to music is wonderful, but please mind your neighbors. After 22:00, we enjoy the peace and quiet.


Fire is only allowed in the fireplace indoor, and at the wood-heated hot tubs outside.


Candles create a great atmosphere, but don't leave them unattended.


Guests are welcome, but we should be informed of any visitors ahead of time. Visitors' cars should be parked at the parking lot at the entrance to the park.

It is not allowed for your (day) visitors to spend the night without our prior consent and knowledge.


Our accommodations are meant exclusively for recreational purposes. You are not allowed to use our accommodations in any other way than they're intended, meaning they are not meant for having parties, feastivities etc. in the broad sense of the word.

You are also not allowed to place one or more tents, popup campers, caravans etc. in or near the accommodation.


You are obligated to use the bed linen rented by you. It is not permitted to take the bed linen and the other bed textiles out with you.

Upon departing, you must take the used bed linen off the beds and place it in the hamper in the scullery (except for those who chose our VIP package).


Indoor furniture needs to remain indoors, please don't take chairs etc. outside. Furniture needs to remain at the same location for combination rental as well.


Please take the sunscreen or parasol (if present) indoors during hard winds and rain.


The dish washer and dustbin should be emptied before departure, as should the fridge.

The container for your garbage can be found to the left, next to the park's main entrance, behind the wooden enclosure.


Deep frying is not allowed in the accommodation.


Bringing electronic appliances that consume a lot of energy (for instance heaters/tanning beds etc.) is not allowed.


If you break or damage anything, please do us the courtesy of notifying us.


Barbecues are not available at our accommodations for reasons of hygiene. Of course, you are allowed to barbecue using your own barbecue or a rented one. We do expect you to take it home with you when you leave.

Empty bottles can be disposed of in the glass container, which you'll find at the Koningsplein/Kerkplein in Lievelde.

In case the house rules are not respected, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, any costs incurred with this will be charged either in full or in part via the SEPA authorization form.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at one of our homes.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Do you have any questions? you can always contact us either via telephone, WhatsApp, SMS or via email. * 06-55897045 * info@onthaastenindeachterhoek.nl*


What is not included in the final cleaning costs?

Our accommodations are cleaned by a professional cleaning company. We try to keep the clearing costs as low as possible. This can be quite challenging. The sauna and the hot tub are both cleaned after every change of guests as well, and a clean accommodation is very important to us!

What do we ask of you? Upon departure:

* take the bed linen off the beds and place it in the hamper available for this purpose. If you chose the VIP package it will be done for you

* leave the dishes clean in the cupboard, empty the dish washer

* switch off the lights and empty the fridge

* deposit the garbage in the container meant for it at the entrance to the park

Unfortunately, it occurs that people leave their garbage, a full dishwasher, empty bottles, made beds etc. upon leaving the accommodation.
This costs the cleaning extra time and therefore, money. In order not to confront every guest with increased cleaning costs, we have decided to charge extra cleaning costs only for those who don't leave the accommodation according to our house rules, and charge them via the SEPA form.

We hope we can count on your understanding and hope never to have to use these measures.

Of course, this goes both ways. You may expect quality and appropriateness from us. Should there be any defects or issues during your stay, please let us know so that we can remedy/fix it immediately.


General rules:


Deposit/SEPA authorization

The deposit is € 150. You don't pay this, but sign the SEPA form for it. After making your reservation, you will receive it automatically. It allows you to authorize us in the case of damages or the cost of any extra wood you used, bicycle rental etc. to transfer the money from your bank account.

We reserve the right to use the SEPA form to charge you for defects that require repairs. For damages that turn out to be more expensive, we reserve the right to charge the person renting the home. This allows you the chance to contact your travel or liability insurance.

In case you don't notify us of any damages or defects that occur during your stay for which we will have to employ a company to repair the damage and if they are observed during the subsequent check of the home, we will hold you responsible for the costs of restoration or repairs.

You will receive sufficient logs of wood in order to heat the water and maintain the temperature during your stay. By default, more wood packs are present at the accommodation. These can be used for the fireplace, the fire basket etc. These extra packs are not included in the basic price. The extra used packs are charged afterwards per opened pack via the SEPA form at 5 Euro par opened pack.

Complaints and suggestions
Despite our care, it's possible that you'll have a complaint or suggestion. Notify us in a timely fashion so that we can maintain our service and quality and/or can improve it and take action during your stay.

Complaints and any issues reported only upon departure, can no longer be actioned.

As a guest, you are responsible for any damages that occurred during your stay, and are required to report them immediately, this includes damages caused by your fellow guests etc. Damages/breakages etc. that are already present or visible upon arrival should be reported directly on arrival. Reporting damages/breakages afterwards cannot be traced/attributed and will be charged to the person currently renting the accommodation.

We are NOT responsible for: damage and/or injury occurring as the result of staying on our property; damage and/or injury occurring as a result of the use of the facilities on the property.
We cannot accept responsibility for noise nuisance, inconvenience etc. experienced during the stay in and around our accommodations caused by third parties in the broadest sense of the word.

We cannot be held responsible when facilities break down and/or facilities or amenities are non-operational during your stay. Of course we will be doing our best to have repairs, restoration or replacement carried our as soon as possible, and to ensure a solution that satisfies you.

Don't let your (small) children out of your sight and don't leave them alone in the hot tub or sauna.


General reservations

Total price

The total price at our site, which you can view via the search & book, include total prices. This means: including electricity (normal use), water (normal use), a set amount of wood/fireblocks, dependent on the duration of your stay, as well as enough to heat and maintain the temperature of the hot tub, including tourist tax and including the use of bed linen based on the number of persons you selected.

the VIP package, bringing your pet along and other extras, such as massage on site, workshops etc. are not included in the price by default.

Wood packs for the hot tub

Based on the duration of your stay, you'll receive a set amount of firewood/block packs. This is sufficient to heat the hot tub and maintain the temperature during your stay. Each accommodation has a number of extra wood packs, which you can use for the fireplace, the fire basket etc. The extra opened wood packs are charged via the SEPA form afterwards.

We reserve the right to change our fees and errors/mistakes in our Search & Book system are not binding.

You are not allowed to use a third party's commercial services in our accommodations without written permission by the landlord.

It's a possibility that the lawn will be mowed during your stay (week stay). This normally happens on Friday during the change/cleaning times.

Making a reservation for our accommodations can be done online and directly via internet info@onthaastenindeachterhoek.nl or via telephone 0544-379744 of 06-55897045.

Upon reservation, 30% of the total cost per Ideal must be paid during booking (only after this has been done does your reservation become definitive). The rest amount should be payed four weeks before the rental period starts at the latest.
For (last minute) reservations shorter than for weeks before commencement, the entire amount must be paid at once.

You will have to arrange a cancellation or travel insurance yourself.

Our regulations regarding Cancellation are:
At cancellation 2 months or longer before your rental period, we will charge 30% of the total amount.
75% of the total amount within 2 months before the start of your rental period.
100% of the total amount within 1 month before the start of your rental period.

If the reservation you made can't take place for whatever reason, we will consider it per individual case. Unfortunately this sometimes involves costs, and rescheduling shortly before the period is not (always) possible. This is why we advise you to always conclude a travel and cancellation insurance.


Terms and Conditions Short-term Cancellation Insurance

Arrival and departure
The rented wellness accommodation can be entered on the day of arrival between 16:00 & 17:30.

Upon arrival at the reception address, Parallelweg 10-24, 7137 PE Lievelde, you will receive the key and other information that's relevant to you.

If you are arriving after 17:30 that's no problem, but please let us know in a timely fashion so that we can prepare.
On the day of departure, the latest checkout time is 10:00. I you're leaving early or arriving late, no restitution can be made.

Use and habitation by a maximum of 6 persons (in a 6-person home) or by a maximum of 4 persons (in a 4-person home). A child under 2 years of age, using the children's bed that can be provided, is not counted here.

The tenant on who's name the reservation is made is the main tenant and therefore also responsible for their co-tenants. The rental agreement is personal and you are not allowed to (sub)let in part or as a whole to others. If anyone other than the main tenant, but someone who belongs to the same traveling company, will pick up the key, please notify us in advance.

Hot tub
The hot tub is cleaned at every change of tenants and the water is replaced by clean tap water and chlorinated. During the stay you are expected to put chlorine tablets in the chlorine floater yourself (these are provided), in order to maintain the water. In the case of stays exceeding one week, the water will be replaced for you in the meantime. It is not permitted to drain the hot tub or refill it yourself.

Smoking in our accommodation(s) and separate buildings is not allowed. Every accommodation has an ash tray outside, please use this one and empty it when departing.

In case the above regulations are not respected, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures.


Park rules

The owner of the accommodation is a member of owner's association "Het Belegh van Groll” (the VVE) and as such subject to these park regulations as well as the statutes of the VVE as determined on April 8th 2003.

The owner is personally responsible for the use of the recreational home and is free to use the home for himself, exclusively for recreational purposes on his own, or to rent it out via a rental company.

The owner is obligated to disclose the applicable park regulations to his tenant(s)

The communal part of the recreation park, like roads and roadsides, paths and central terrain around the pond, as well as the green areas are meant for the use of all of the owners and the tenants, and may not be used to park cards, motorcycles etc.
Making changes to these parts of the park is not allowed.

The owners are obligated to notify any possible disturbances of, respectively, damages to property of the Association, (electrical wiring, lantern posts, road enclosures, gates, the pond with a lawn etc.) to the board or the manager of the Association immediately.

Lawn and Pond
It is prohibited to fish, swim or sail in the pond.

The accommodations are meant for recreational purposes (in the broadest sense), which is why you are not allowed to run a company from inside or outside of the accommodation, or to make the accommodation available to a company of any kind.

For a rental period exceeding 4 weeds, the owner/tenant must inform the board of V.v.e. in advance.
* See clarification

The owners have the obligation to properly maintain their properties including the ornamental garden around it and the outbuilding, and to stick to the following color scheme so that the original state of the home and the appearance of the park remain maintained. Red Ral 3003, green Ral 6005 en white Ral 9001.

The property enclosure/hedges along the roads are to be maintained by the owners and trimmed so that the grass along the roads can be mowed weekly. If the owner neglects to do this, the the maintenance will be carried out at the owner's expense by a third party after he is determined to have neglected it.

The owner is responsible for underground pipes and cables to and from the accommodation within their own terrain. For all other pipes and cables, the Management Association “Het Belegh van Groll” is responsible.

The owners oblige themselves to report any disturbances concerning the pipes and cables for which the Association is responsible in writing to the Association Management. Without this written notification, the Association is not responsible.

Under no circumstances may rainwater, oil etc. be dumped in the sewer.

It is not allowed to dispose of objects via the sewer that can cause a clog. In the case of incorrect use, the unclogging costs will be charged to the owner.

The gate at the entrance to the park must be opened with the key provided for it. Other ways of opening the gate are not allowed.
The gate is the property of the Management Association “Het Belegh van Groll”. An emergency key will be kept in a key box at the gate that is easily visible.

Traffic rules of public roads apply to the property as included in the Regulations Traffic rule and Traffic signs.

The maximal speed at the entire property is 15 km/h

Without permission from the board of Association “Het Belegh van Groll”
heavy transport (weighing over 3500 kg) is not allowed on the road
at the park from and to the recreation home. Any damage will be at the expense of the customer.

Caravans, campers, trucks, containers, boats, trailers, agrarian equipment etc. are not allowed to be parked at the property or at the accommodation.

Requests for exceptions to this rule can be submitted for approval to Association “Het Belegh van Groll”.

It is not allowed to park vehicles on the roads or on the roadside along the roads, with the exception of loading and unloading. There are one or two parking spots at every home. Multiple vehicles can be parked at the parking lot near reception.

Please don't park on the lawn.

Moral Values
The owners and tenants of the park are expected to conform to the moral values that generally apply in our society. This means paying respect by preventing or minimizing every form of nuisance and to respect the rest between 23:00 and 08:00.

Open fire
Te lighting of open fire, other than in barbecues or in the devices meant for it, is not allowed.

Dogs, cats (only when registered beforehand) should be leashed at the park (outside of one's own terrain) and are not supposed to cause any nuisance. Droppings are to be cleaned up by the owner promptly. It goes for all animals that one takes care to ensure that they stay within one's own property in order to prevent nuisance.

The household's waste must be deposited in the garbage containers next to reception.
It also features a collection point for paper and cardboard.
To dispose of glass, you are requested to deposit it in the glass container in Lievelde or at a glass container elsewhere.
All other waste such as bulky waste, garden waste, branch trimmings, construction and demolition waste
and chemical substances cannot be disposed of in these garbage containers.
The owners must take care of their disposal themselves in the approved manner. Everyone is expected to handle waste disposal with due care.

The VVE board and the Association are aware of the fact that they have no authority over what goes on behind the doors of individual leaders. This goes both for tenants and the owners of the recreational homes. An exception to this rule is the following: if a tenant or owner causes unreasonable inconvenience for their environment, the VVE board, after verbal and written warning,, will take appropriate measures to eliminate the inconvenience. These measures will follow legal guidelines.

1- Management of he Owner's Association exercises supervision over the execution of park regulations.
2- This management can hand over this task to a commission of a maximum of three persons, who will regularly stay at the park.
3- This management commission will provide supervision over abiding park regulations by their own observation, or by reports of complaints of other users of the park.
4- In case of breaches of park regulations, the management commission will either respond in a correctional way themselves, or let the management of the Association take action.
5- Only the board can take measures affecting owners and/or users in case of repeat breaches of park regulations.
6- The Association's board regulates her tasks concerning the management and maintenance of the infrastructure (roads with roadsides, sewer, lighting, gate, lawn with pond) themselves.

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