Onthaasten in de Achterhoek - Luxe wellness vakantiehuizen
Privé sauna met overnachting
Privé sauna met overnachting
Privé sauna met overnachting

Private Spa

  • Luxury holiday home
  • Private spa
  • Sauna
  • Wood-fired hot tub
  • Sun shower

Spa holiday home with private sauna and hot tub

Those who have never been to Relaxing in the Achterhoek should go there soon. Who has already been there, would like to come back again.

All holiday homes at Relaxing in the Achterhoek have private spa facilities. Every spa holiday home has a lovely wood-fired hot tub in the garden and a private sauna. Enjoy a luxury holiday home with private spa for 2 or with multiple people. The spa holiday homes are suitable for 4 to 10 people. Whom are you taking with you?

Most homes are also equipped with a wonderful sun shower. The sun showers you find in the spa houses of Relaxing in the Achterhoek have two settings. You can choose from the UV setting, which means getting a nice tan during the shower, or you can choose the IR setting. The infrared heat lamps will give your muscles an intensive blood circulation that penetrates deep into the skin, relieves pain, and stimulates blood circulation.


Luxury is our standard

The spa holiday homes are located on large plots of land in a sunny location. Here you can use your very own spa, so you can enjoy yourself in privacy. You can relax in the garden, the hot tub, the sauna, the sun shower and the view. Many of the spa holiday homes are located on a meadow. You will have a fantastic view while you enjoy the warm water of the hot tub and the other private spa facilities that belong to your own spa holiday home.

Enjoy the starry sky from your own, warm outdoor swimming pool, while enjoying a lovely glass of wine, or enjoy the IR sauna on the outdoor lounge sofa. Do what you want, relax, and unwind. There is even a holiday home with private pool.

The hot tubs, that come standard with every holiday home of ours, are not Jacuzzi's but ecological tubs that are stoked with special wood briquettes.

The advantage of our wood-fired hot tubs compared to a Jacuzzi is that it is noiseless and much more natural. Replacing the water is much faster than with a jacuzzi. Every guest has fresh water guaranteed!


Impression of a 6-person holiday home with hot tub: